By Bill Draper

A teenager slips out a back window of the Charleston Orphan House in 1874, searching for his younger brother before it's too late. Sent to this bleak institution at the end of the war, they were tormented with frightening memories of a desolate, starving city, the brutal deaths of their parents and constant reminders of the parts they played.

On the journey he learns what really happened in Charleston and to his parents during the last days of the American Civil War. His search for the younger brother who was pulled from the Orphan House to work the fields becomes even more important.

The history of Charleston's defeat is sometimes overshadowed by the stories we choose to believe, or we're told to believe. The people who lived through it remembered things differently. And this is based on their stories.

Coming soon.

LEFT: The shelled and damaged Charleston Orphan House in 1865 at the end of the civil war.




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